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Additional information - FAQs

  • Why should you support this project?

    • Having a playground in Frenchman's Creek increases home values and provides a safe, ADA accessible playground for all of our children, which is needed now more than ever. ​

  • Why does it cost so much to install the playground?

    • The installation cost is a combination of several factors –

      • First and foremost construction continues to be competitive and expensive. 

      • It’s hard to find qualified contractors willing to come to HMB, especially for specialized work.

      • This design is very specialized construction (the rubberized surfaces, etc) and is not something that any general contractor could do.

      • Any City project legally has to be completed using workers paid prevailing union wages, which always increases the cost compared to a private installation.

  • Why can't people volunteer to assist? 

    • Specialized construction work coupled with prevailing wage requirements make this a challenge. 

    • These rules are stricter now that when other parks (like Ocean View in Alsace Lorraine, etc.) were built in the past.

  • Where did the funding that was allocated to this project originally go? 

    • In February of 2020, the City signed a contact with Miracle Playsystems for the equipment and installation of the new Frenchman's Creek Playground costing approximately $83K. 

      • The City purchased the new equipment at that time spending approximately $40K for the equipment.  

    •  In March of 2020 all City capital projects were put on hold due to COVID-19 challenges.  Budgets were cut to keep the City running (positions were cut and staff were furloughed).

    • As lots of revenue was lost, it will take some time for the City's budget to recover from all of these challenges. 


  • This is when Friends of Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation decided to step in to help fundraise for the Playground.  

    • The City will attempt to include funding for this project in the FY 2021-22 Capital Budget, which could allow installation after July 1, 2021.

    • Any funds raised could expedite the project to get it completed this year and allow the City to use funding towards other projects. 

  • What is the timeline for Phase 2 and 3 of this project?

    • Timelines for Phase 2 & 3 are TBD.​  More details coming soon. ​

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