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In the darkest days of the recession, after the city of Half Moon Bay was forced to dismantle its own Parks and Recreation Department, a group of neighbors came together to create the nonprofit, Friends of Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation. The mission then was simple. Find a way to raise money for the newly created Adopt a Park program. FOHMBPAR quickly stepped in to be the first sponsor and led the way for other organizations and people to fill the need. As the economy and fundraising efforts of the organization improved, FOHMBPAR sought new projects to support.




Our mission is to enhance and maintain park and recreation opportunities on the coastside.

PROJECTS (Past and Current)

FOHMBPAR is the funding arm of the Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation Department. Together we have provided support and funding to the city administered Adopt a Park Program, Highway 1 median maintenance,  the 7,000 square foot community skate park, and the redevelopment of Mac Dutra Park.  


In addition to Frenchman’s Creek Park, our current fundraising priorities, in collaboration with our partners, include a new community pool, Carter Park improvements, the Rollie Wright Scholarship Fund, and Park and Recreation community events.  

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