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Why do we need a new pool on the coastside?

  • Drowning is the #1 cause of accidental death in children under age 5.  We must bring equity in access to our community for swim lessons.  There is no pool space available for this. The current pool is not adequate for a warm water learn to swim program.

  • Our only widely available community-accessible pool is the current pool at Half Moon Bay High School, but this pool is over 50 years old, in constant need of repair and frequently closed for repair. Due to its age, it is also more costly to operate. Energy costs and poor efficiency from old boiler equipment are expensive and replacement parts hard to come by.

  • Community access to the pool is extremely limited at present; available only very early AM & late PM. 

  • Our senior community does not have a place for much-desired warm water aerobic exercise and therapy.

  • The current pool is too shallow for league water polo games and tournaments and cannot host USS swim meets for competition.

  • Access is limited for our local USS Swim Team, Mavericks.  Young kids often don’t have access to the pool until high school sports are finished late in the evening.  This limits enrollment.

  • A New Community Pool is identified in the HMB City Parks Master Plan as a high priority. 

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